World Facilities Management Day

Since 2018, Dikago Facilities Solutions has had the privilege of hosting World Facilities Management Day, an event that has garnered significant attention and support from attendees, exhibitors, and stakeholders.

We have consistently embraced the event’s themes each year to drive positive change and innovation in the facilities management industry in Botswana.

Supported by:

Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management

Proteus Eagle Tech

International Facilities Management Association

World Facilities Management Day 2024

This year’s World FM Day is anticipated to be bigger and better. Taking place on 13 May 2024, alongside other international commemorations, we will be hosting it in Botswana.


As a Facilities Manager, this is the premier event for the industry, where you can get up-to-date knowledge on the latest trends, tools and resources on the sector, while interacting with other leaders in the industry.  Register your interest in advance for World FM Day 2024.

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Previous Events

World Facilities Management Day 2023 – Botswana

In 2023, our theme was “Making a Real Difference,” and we have redoubled our efforts to leave a lasting impact on the facilities management landscape in Botswana. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and community development has never been stronger.

FM Day 2022

Leading a Sustainable Future

In 2022, under the theme “Leading a Sustainable Future,” we continued to emphasize sustainability by integrating eco-conscious solutions into our projects, thereby contributing to the overall sustainability agenda of Botswana.

FM Day 2021

Standing Tall Beyond the Pandemic

In 2021, amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, we celebrated “Standing Tall Beyond the Pandemic.” Our adaptability and resilience during these trying times ensured that essential facilities remained operational, providing support to critical sectors such as healthcare and logistics.

FM Day 2020

Celebrating Our Environment

In 2020, our theme was “Celebrating Our Environment,” reflecting our dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly facilities management practices. We have championed green initiatives, reduced our carbon footprint, and actively contributed to conserving Botswana’s natural resources.

FM Day 2019

Celebrating Global FM Standards

In 2019, we celebrated “Global ISO FM Standards,” and as a company, we played a pivotal role in implementing and adhering to these international standards in our operations. This helped raise the bar for facilities management practices across Botswana, aligning us with global best practices.

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